Montblanc DIVA LINE Pens

One cannot think of fine, luxury writing instruments without of course thinking of the Montblanc name. After all, Montblanc is the definitive source for pens exhibiting quality craftsmanship and beauty. However, even the master designers at Montblanc have managed to outdo themselves with the Diva Line collection. This exquisite collection of writing instruments pays tribute to Princess Grace de Monaco, and they are truly wondrous to behold.

When you hold one of these pens in your hand, you’ll quickly realize that this is much more than just a simple pen, despite how dazzling it appears. It has been crafted to be an extension of the soul and divinity that flows through the Princess herself. A special edition of the Diva Line Princess Grace de Monaco pen features a petal-cut pink topaz, reminiscent of the pink rose, and a true testament to royalty.

The selection of Montblanc pens in this collection feature ballpoints, fountain pens, and rollerball pens, each one available as either an ivory or deep purple resin body. The ivory pens have been designed feminine styling’s, subtle engravings and platinum fittings that accentuate the writing instrument while exhibiting a classic feminine intimacy combined with presence and grace. Complete with special packaging, the writing instruments will be the royal jewel in your collection.

The purple resin pens also come with special packaging, and have distinctive gold plating, along with the signature petal-cut pink topaz, and intricate engravings that are inspired by the coat of arms of the Principality of Monaco.

As an authorized dealer of Montblanc writing instruments and other fine luxury items, the Montblanc Boutique in Montreal is proud to be able to offer these special pens that make up the Diva Line Princess Grace de Monaco collection. If you are browsing the collection online, you can already see the beauty, detail and craftsmanship involved in this unique collection. But if you’d like to hold one of these special pens in your hand, please visit us at our establishment, and you’ll be able to see how exceptional these pens really are.

Our staff will be happy to answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have. We take pride in our expertise and can help you choose the best pen that suits your own personal taste or style. If the pen is meant to be a gift, we also provide gift-wrapping, and all pens come with a two-year warranty. Visit us at our establishment in Montreal today, and we’ll be glad to assist you, as well as show you some of the special editions and hard to find items that we may also have in stock for that unique gift for yourself or a loved one.

Wall Cover for Wall Treatment

Having a home with inviting look for each corner is anyone’s dream. You must know that one from many things that make you love to spend your time at your home is through its appearance. If your home looks dull, you must feel such gloomy mood around you. On the contrary, if your home looks lively, it accentuates comfortableness feel which brings you serenity when you spend your time at home. Anyway, when it comes to revamp the appearance of your home for any room it has, there are many choices you can choose.

Bring color to your home can be one of them. Yes, color in certain way can bring certain feel inside the home. It can well-translated your personality through color that you pick. Colorlessly speaking, to splash color inside your home, once again you may find some alternative ways such as paint it or install such thing like wall cover or wallpaper. Paint your wall is good thing, but covers your wall with wallpaper or wall covering is not only good, it is better and easier. More, to get the best wall covering that you need, no hassle is required since, you can do it at any time given.

It is because, you can purchase your preference wall covering online way. However, if you want to know one of the best places to buy such thing, simply visit wallcover where you can easily find series collection of wall covering from two different materials like paper and non-woven. Herein, you not only get plenty well-branded wall covering, but you are allowed to pick different color and different pattern of your preference. More, the price to have to have that beautiful wall covering is impressively affordable. Therefore, be sure to consider this place in the first time when you think you need a wall covering for your home.

How to Choose a Top NYC Hair Stylist

Hair salons are two a plenty. Walk down any shopping street and you will see at least one hair salon. The trouble is they are not all that good and if you are truly unlucky you could end up walking out of the door with the world’s worst hair cut. Or, even worse, you could ask your mom to cut your hair and end up with the world’s worst bowl cut. So how can you make sure that the hair stylist you choose won’t trash your image forever?

In the old days, there were very few avenues open to you if you need to find a new hair stylist, which is why most people took the ‘better the devil you know’ approach and stuck with their stylist even if they didn’t always do a good job. These days, however, it is a lot easier to find a new hair stylist in NYC, even if you are new to town and you don’t know a soul.

NYC Hair Stylist

Photo by Samantha Steele

Word of Mouth Recommendations

Word of mouth is always the best way to find a new stylist. Obviously this is a bit of a problem if you have only just moved to the neighbourhood, but where possible try asking around for recommendations. If someone you know has a great hair cut, ask them who their stylist is – if they rate them highly, make an appointment and see what they can do for you. And if you end up with a truly disastrous hair cut, you know who to blame.

Online Research

The internet is a fantastic resource. We use it every day to find new places to eat, places to go, in fact pretty much everything, so it stands to reason that we can use the internet to check out hair salons in NYC. Pick your favourite search engine and type: top hair salons NYC. It should help narrow your search.

When you don’t know the area, it is useful to go online and find out what hair salons are in your local area. When you have identified the best ones, do some research to find out what other people are saying. People tend to leave reviews when they are happy with the service they have received. Top hair salons such as will have lots of great reviews, so use this as a guide to which hair salons in NYC are worth trying.

Social Media

Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter are another useful way of finding out which hair salons other people use. Ask your friends on Facebook which salon they go to or tweet your followers and see who they can recommend. It is also worth checking the social media pages of the salons on your shortlist to find out what customer are saying about their services – if the feedback is mostly negative you know to avoid them like the plague.

Once you have found a hair salon in NYC you love, you can look forward to great hair for many happy years to come.

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